Welcome to AuditGaps portal.

Audit is a word that creates fear in the minds of many people. The fear has been spread by those who do not do justice to their work – I mean people who do not follow a process for an entire year and than try to fix it up the night before the audit. And when auditors catch those gaps , the auditees blame the auditors for being too “fussy” and “fastidious”.

This portal has been launched to shed light on the audit process and audit findings with a focus to inculcate an approach towards accepting audit requirements , audit findings and understand and fix the issues brought to light by auditors.  The portal should also provide information to process managers and management to understand when “audits are not adding value to the process improvement”. Yes it is true, sometime auditors do a superficial job either because of lack of time  or are incompetent to understand the process.

Before you surf the choppy pages ahead, I recommend you to read through the following links.

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